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It seemed a very long time since I last blogged. The last time I blogged was the start of my DU training, and now its the end of my DU training. I got assigned to Credit Card Taiwan!!~~ Which was one of the department I wanted to go. The people in the department seems nice. Especially my mentor. Throughout the DU training, he was the only mentor that kept going to our morning stand-up. He gave us good advice throughout the month to help us accomplish our project. I don’t think I explained what I did in this training this month. So, I’ll give a brief description of what I did this past month. We were split into teams of 5 and we had to write an application for computer rentals. We wrote the application in Spring (Java MVC framework). This was a good experience for me because I never wrote a web application in Java and in my new team, I would have to code in Java. So this month gave me some experience to Java MVC. In addition, I was the “front-end” developer. I has some chance to play with some CSS and Jquery. Never did much front-end work, so that was also good for me that I can play around with some front-end stuff. Throughout the project, I didn’t really have that much “coding” time. I was the “producer”, (project manager). I enjoyed this role a lot because this is my future job title I want to be. I don’t want to code for the rest of my life, but move up to a project manager. But in order to do that in the Taiwan team, I will have to learn how to speak Mandarin and Japanese. I guess I have to learn it fast!!~~ In addition, I need to practice on my presentation skills. I still get very nervous when I speak in a big crowd. I have to overcome this if I want to become a producer. Guess practice makes perfect. Also, preparation helps a lot in presentations. I didn’t prepare much for any of my presentations. So I have to learn how to improvise my presentations better. Have to be a better public speaker, if I want to become a producer. I still have a few years to go until I want to be a producer. Until then I will improve upon myself. haha. Always improve, always advance. (one of the core principle in my company). Looking forward to tomorrow. I will start working for credit card Taiwan!!

Wow, I been talking about work all the time. What about my personal life heh? It’s been a busy month, did some travelling outside of Tokyo. Had lots of nomikais. This month, a lot of my doukis (co-workers that entered the same time) left Tokyo. They went to their placements. So went to many farewell parties, thus the nomikais. Next month, I plan to go to Kyoto during the holiday. I went to start exploring Japan. I came all this way to Japan, and I still haven’t explored it yet. Time to explore the country! There is a longer holiday in August. I wonder where I will go. Heard that airfares are more expensive, it’s like Christmas fares in summer. I think I want to leave Japan and visit other countries. Maybe Korea? Taiwan? Hong Kong? Yup, time to travel asia! Vacation, the only thing I can look forward too.

So yaa, not sure what else to write. o, world cup started. Haven’t watched a lot of games but Japan got kicked out already. The final game is on Monday 4am. So guess I won’t be able to watch it. I’m just very excited about work. I wonder how this project will go!~~

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