A new chapter

Its the first day of June. You know what that means? It means my Japanese training has come to an end. I have finished my first Japanese training! I passed N5. Somehow. And now I will start my second Japanese training. For the past months, I felt I studied harder than I have done in school. It was very hard to stay motivated to study Japanese. But I guess over time I will be able to learn the language. On other note, the business people finally got assigned to their department last week. Some are super happy, some super sad. People cried that they are going to different departments, a very touching moment for the Japanese teams and US teams but not for the Japanese training. Since there are so few of us, we are always left out. O well. Guess we are lucky. Get paid to learn Japanese. Not a lot of people can say that, now can they. hahaa. I am in Japan after all. Hopefully I can speak Japanese in a year time. I am going to start watching Japanese Dramas/Anime instead of watching English dramas.

So what have I been doing the past month? Not much. This month went by super fast. Time flies when you have fun. It has been a bit over 2 months since I arrived in Japan. I think my Japanese skills improved a bit. Met a lot of great people. Still don’t know what team I will be going into yet, will find out this Friday. I want to stay in Tokyo for a bit longer. I am starting to like it here. There is so much to do. I still haven’t done lots of things in Tokyo yet. I should start planning my vacations days and where to go.

It is super humid these past days in Tokyo. And I still have to wear a suit. Sweating…. O NO.

Let’s see what is next. Never stop having fun.

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