The Simple Things in Life

It is the beginning of the new year! 2015! The beginning of new adventures and new beginnings. The time where I can reflect on last year’s mistakes and plan for this year’s goals. There are many things that I did not do last year and I wish I could do it this year.

To start, next month, I will be in Taiwan! My next quick pitstop in life. I will be there for six months. Other new language to learn. I have been in Japan for a good 10 months but yet my Japanese did not improve at all. I guess that was one of my regrets of last year. Not trying harder in learning Japanese. I guess I am really not a study person at all. So bad at memorizing languages. Let’s hope mandarin will be a bit better. The thing that is missing is motivation and focus. This year I will trying harder and be more focus. I will have to motivate myself everyday to learn mandarin. To be honest, I think Mandarin is much more useful than Japanese. It seems almost everywhere I go, there are Chinese people. Even here. Mandarin is very useful if I want to travel to China. This year I will do more actions than just talk. I can talk the talk but can I walk the walk? (I can’t)

What I learned in the past year is the simple things in life. For instance, being able to do simple things in Canada is very difficult in Japan. The reason is because I can’t speak the language. That is my fault entirely. So when I find a place where I can speak, I enjoy it. Even when meeting new people. I can connect to people easier and to the people I can’t talk to, they are still strangers to me. I should have studied more in the past. (There is no time like the present)

Life is a long but short journey. We have goals and regrets. We should not be focused on our regrets but focus on our goals. We should not worry about what we should have done in the past, but what we can do in the future. A simple quote to live by this year. I will try my best this year.

I will try to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Start a healthy diet and start exercising. I am no longer young and my body is getting weaker and my mind is starting to get more and more tiring. I am not in shape. I always feel sleepy. I have already started to get back in shape. (Push-ups, sit-ups every morning and before I sleep.) Let’s see how long I can keep this up. I will join a gym when I am in Taiwan. A healthy mind will allow me to think faster.

In addition, I want to travel more this year. Last year I didn’t travel as much as I wanted. Was short of money for most the year. Didn’t know moving Japan costs so much. After working for almost a year and saving money (kind of), I have some money that I can travel o a couple of places this year. I have a bucket list of places I want to go. Let’s see how many I can go. At least I can cross out Taiwan!! 6 months.! Super excited. I really really want to improve on my Mandarin. Now a days I am listening to more Mandarin. And starting to understand more of it.

Have to enjoy the simple things in life and should not be stressed out as much this year. To the new year! Time to make this year my most memorable year! Live life with no regrets.

Never give up hope, no matter what happens!

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