Tourist Finally!

Today is the end of Golden Week(end). It has been 4 days holiday. For the first time since a month, I finally feel like a tourist again! No need to think about work! Just relax and explore the city!!! It has been a month since I got here to Tokyo, and I haven’t been to a lot of places. During the weekdays, I got no time to explore the city. But finally after a month of long work, I got a 4 day holiday to explore and have fun!

I got out of Tokyo for the first day. Went to Hakone by train. Took the local train which took 2 hours. The bullet train was fully booked, but the local train still got us where I wanted to go. The place was nice scenery. Had my Chips first hot spring there. cheap nhl jerseys It was a very interesting experience… hahaha. You have to be completely nude to use it. So you are there with friends and strangers completely nude. That is something I had never experienced before. In Canada/America many places is illegal to be nude in public. This wasn’t my first time in a hot spring but it was my first time when I have to strip naked to go in. Interesting experience…. Will I do it again? perhaps… haha.. maybe try for a unisex one. HAHA. I went on cable cars, trains, ships around Hakone. Saw mt Fuji, went up other mountain, went to a lake, saw some gates, ate the black egg. Did many touristy things there. Was a fun day outside of Tokyo. My first time to get out of Tokyo. This trip was very last minute, so we didn’t have a place to stay. So near the end of the night, we were trying to find a hotel, but everything was fully booked so we decided to go home….

My second day of golden week, was spent exploring Tokyo itself! I didn’t go to a lot of places before work, but I decided to go to explore Tokyo. Only went to two places. The Imperial Palace and Akihabara. The castle was nice and very clean. Good place for a run! But very far from me… Took my time at the imperial palace, walked around the castle but not the whole thing because it would have taken over 2 hours. The gate around the castle is about 10km… I don’t get how they are able to keep that place so clean. Japanese people really take care of their city! Akihabara is a very interesting place… It is where all the maid cafe and electronics are. I went there and got myself a chargeable battery! Finally! Now my phone can last the whole day! Hopefully….. I didn’t go to a maid cafe, I was tempted to go in but after seeing the girls dressed up, it felt weird. Perhaps one day… That place really brings out other side of Japan. They have sex shops there, not shops but buildings… it was a 6 floor shop!! Crazy! Walked past the gundam cafe and AKB48 cafe. Not a big fan of AKB, so didn’t go in either. If only they had a SNSD cafe!

Third day was spent at Diaba. There was an Okterfest! Tokyo has it 4 times a year! Thats how much they love drinking! Everything there was expensive. It was fun but whats better was where it was located. It was located near where the FULL SIZE GUNDAM WAS!!! OMG! I finally gotten the chance to see the GUNDAM!! If only it was freedom, or strike that would be even more cool! That place was a tourist area… saw many great things. Saw cheap authentic jerseys the Rainbow Bridge (Tokyo Bridge) and Tokyo tower. It was pretty awesome!!! Saw the night show for the gundam! It was pretty neat.

My last day was spent eating out with friends. Went to a friend’s pizza shop. Pizza was pretty legit. Too bad golden week was so cheap. Wished it was longer, so I can have more time to explore.. But It was a good relaxing holiday. Something I needed. Get rid of all the stress and to forget that I work in Tokyo. NOW, when is the next holiday??

Tourist living in Tokyo!!

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