Japanese Training

So it has been 6 days since I started to learn Japanese. It’s been tough but I had learnt a LOT. I have learnt all the hiragana characters. The long vowels, the long constants, the combinations of characters that form new ones (ya,yu,yo). I can now read hiragana!!! I wish! haha. I can read it but very slowly. And even if I can read it, I don’t know the meaning. Its already hard to memorize the characters but memorizing the meaning is too much for my little brain to handle. I will slowly pick up the words. I guess the easiest way to learn a language is to speak it and hear it everyday. If you don’t use it, you will loose the language. Trust me. I have learnt French for like 6 years, then after grade 9, never used it in my life. And now? If you spoke to me in French, I won’t be able to speak anything. How sad. If I only kept my French skills. O well, I’m in tokyo, what are the chances of me meeting a only French-speaking person? Today, I started to learn katakana. I think by next week, I should learn all of them. So after that its only Kanji! Whoot, time to use my Chinese skills to the test! Man, I wished I paid more attention in Chinese school when I was younger. Learning a new language is actually quite fun. After 10 years of wanting to learn Japanese, I can finally say that I am learning Japanese! FINALLY! I wonder how long it will take for me to order food and read menus? Yup, thats all I care about. Not about passing the Japanese test or the Japanese speaking test but ordering food and reading menus!! haha. Ok fine, I lied, I do care about it a bit. I have to pass those for work. But ya, I really want to learn as much Japanese as I can. With only 6 weeks of studying Japanese, I need to use my time efficiently! (Shouldn’t be wasting my time here blogging).

Besides my Japanese training, I haven’t really explored Tokyo as I wanted to. Didn’t really have the time to do so. Last week, been ending work pretty late, so couldn’t do anything afterwards. And I spent all my time after work studying. I should really be reviewing, but meh. I think I will take some time to blog, I haven’t blogged for a week, and I need to talk about my experience here or else there will just be too much to talk about… So far, I’m really enjoying the life in Tokyo. I really have no regrets. I have met some awesome people. I have met people from all over the world, from different backgrounds, different culture. I have learnt about their past, their dreams and what they want to do in life. I feel like I am in first-year of University all over again. That feeling of meeting new people and get to know about them. Enjoying the life of living by oneself. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Can leave a mess and no one will complain. Man, I really don’t mess living at home yet. Maybe the home-food but other than that loving it.

But yaa, I should really start uploading some pictures. I been taking a lot of pictures on my cellphone but nothing on my DSLR yet. One of the reason why I switched to Drupal was that I can upload pictures/videos easier. But I haven’t done that yet… I should really start moving my pictures from my phone to my hard drive. I should start posting videos on youtube as well. Lots to do with so little time. If only there was more time in a day.

Alright, I think thats enough blogging for one day. I think I should really get back to studying!! Let’s hope for the best! Really looking forward to see how much Japanese I can do after the training!!!!