First Working Week

Today is sunday! Other weekend went by. Finally I have gone through my luggage and finished unpacking.(Mostly, the luggage is no longer on my floor but in the closet). It makes my place so much bigger. A person doesn’t really need that much space.

Tomorrow is Monday which means the start of my second week of work! You know what that means, more training! Starting Tuesday, my training will start for real! I will have 6 weeks to learn as much Japanese as I can. Being here in Japan so far, with little Japanese skills has been a bit difficult. At work, people knows how to speak English but outside from work, a lot don’t. In order to order food, or just to buy stuff it is difficult. When I checkout, they would say something, and I won’t understand what they are talking about at all. I’m like huh? I assume what people are 2017-02-17 saying all the time. Usually they ask me if I want a plastic bag or do I have a point system. So all I learnt how to say is “no” and “It’s ok”. hahaha. Everyday I will focus hard after work, and study Japanese. Do some self-studying every day. Learn as much as I can and as fast as I can. At least now, my classes are everyday. Much better than before. I will also be able to hear Japanese. I am bad with languages and with bad memorization Wholesale China Jerseys skills, so I have to work hard to do this. In addition to this Japanese training, I would have to go out and sell 5 credit cards. I wonder how I am able to do that? With my little Japanese skills, I wonder how I am able to pull cheap jerseys it off. I guess I will worry about it later when I learn more japanese.

So far Japan has been fun. I meant a lot of great people so far. Different people from all over the world. First time I met so many people with different backgrounds. It will be fun to learn more about their culture and their food.

Time to work hard for the next few months! I’m actually looking forward to it!

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