Marks? meh.

Earlier this week I had an epiphany. My University marks doesn’t matter anymore. I don’t plan to go to grad school, no more course requirements and I got my last co-op job. So why am I worrying about marks? To graduate, all I need is a 60% cumulative average. With all my “hard work” in previous years at university, to get a cumulative average of 60% is no problem. In fact it is impossible for me to get a lower CA than 60%(as long as I don’t fail any courses). But if I pass(>50%) all my courses my CA is higher than 60% no matter what. So why do I need to maintain a higher average? I do not know the answer. Well I do, but I choose to ignore it. Finding a full-time job may be hard to do with a low average but with all my work experience, I think employees will be more concerned with my experience than my marks? But still, with “asian” parents meeting the minimum is never enough. You got to aim HIGHER. Average isn’t enough. For me, getting the mean mark in the class is good enough. It means The half the class is dumber than me and the other half is smarter than me. Or perhaps it is just that half the class is lazier than me. I reached a point where marks doesn’t matter to me anymore.

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