It’s already end of March! Can you believe it? It’s the last week of class! This term flew by so fast. My goal for the this week is to attend all classes! Lets see if I can do it! O… who am I kidding? I won’t go to class even if its the last one. haha. Only if my courses were more interesting then I would Cheap Football Jerseys go. But no courses are that interesting.

Exams are coming up soon! This term I only have 4 and got lots of time to study them. Got like a week between my 2 waves of 2 exams. Exams, the determining factor if I fail or pass the course. Exams are always worth the most marks. That is why if you STUDY real hard for them in those 2 weeks, then you can slack of for the rest of the term. That is what I believe in. Since exams are worth 40-50% of the final grade. So 2 weeks of hard work, you can really boost up your mark! This method only works for people who aren’t aiming for high marks but passable marks! And I am one of them. I will jump for joy if i get 60s. haha. Grades are just numbers, it doesn’t reflect my intelligence at all.

On other note. Last week I went to Korea Night in Toronto! A few k-pop stars came! OMG. G.NA was one of them!! It was AMAZING! There were also APink, Teen Top, G.Na, Brian Joo, Crying Nut, 3rd Line Butterfly, and Yellow Monsters. It was pretty amazing. There were lots of high school kids, since it was an all age event. Can’t believe these kids. Skipping school to go to a concert. That is soo bad. Yet again, I can’t be one to say, since I skipped school too. haha. But skipping school in University and skipping high school is totally different. I finally got to see G.NA! My life is now complete! I’m surprised that nobody jumped on stage, since security weren’t that good. If I was closer to stage. I might had. Who knows….. haha…

One more month till co-op! Can’t wait till summer!

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