New beginnings

It’s a new year. With many things to do and many goals I want to accomplish. Will I accomplish them all? To be honest. No I don’t think I will be able to. Will I try to? YES. Do I want to? YES. So lets hope for the best.

Moved to my new place at Waterloo. The building is 2 years old, and the rooms are newer compared where I used to leave. The rooms are a LOT bigger. I have two tables in my room, and I still have lots of room left over. The only down side is that my closet is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SMALL. Can’t fit anything in there. So sad. O well. Other thing that is bad is that it is soo far compared to my old place. It takes like 20 min to walk to school, and that is when I walk fast. It takes 30 min when I walk normally. A good work-out. haha. Time for me to hit the gym as well.

It’s already near the end of the first week of school. Been to all my classes already, I think this term is going to be my best term. Why? Simple. Because I am FINALLY taking courses I want to take. Everything I cam taking interest me and it is something I want to learn. So far all my classes been great and my schedule is pretty spaced out that is why I like it. But the bad part is that 3 of my courses will hAVE LOTS OF WORK LOAD. AS IN will take soo much of my time. I finally had the time to plan out everything(as in putting out my calendar, and putting when everything is due). It seems like a packed month in both Feb and March. Those two months are going to be intense. But as long as I manage my time, I think I will be fine. I survived OS, so anything is possible. That is what I say. Nothing is impossible, it is only impossible when we THINK it is impossible. Self-doubt Cheap Oakleys is the worst thing a person can have. So get rid of those and face the problem head on. Man I should be an idealist and not a programmer. But I am a shy kid, and do not do well in presentations. That is one thing I really want to improve on.

So much to do this term, with so little time. sigh.. I wonder where the next job will bring. Снятием Updating my resume already. My next co-op term is 8 month. I really wonder where that will take me. I don’t want a job in Toronto anymore. I want to try something new. But with my grades I don’t think that is possible. I will try for jobs in Vancouver or USA.

This term I have 3 classes that requires project work. So that should be lots of fun.

Looking toward a great School Term. Let’s see what my 4A term will bring. It feels like grade 12 again because I am taking courses I like.

Let’s see what 2012 will bring? Will it really be the end of the world? If it is. I want oakley outlet to make this year count! first 4 months at school, and 8 months at the job somewhere.

2012. Lets get it on! Ready….. set….. GO!

Never give up hope!

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