Chinese New Year!

First thing first. Its Chinese new year. So Happy Chinese New Year!
祝大家每日會健健康康,開開心心!!<br oakleys outlet />

It’s a new beginning. Time for change, time to Listing take risks, time to try new things. Explore the the unexplored. Experience the unexperienced. Live life to its fullest. Don’t be shy.

So today I took a risk. Tried something new. Took the GO Train from Toronto to Kitchener! It was a new train that started in middle of December. I decided that I should try something else beside FED BUS(school bus) all the time. Also I already tried Greyhound. So I decided that its a new year and it was time for exploration. So I took the GO Train. To be honest it was my first time taking GO TRAIN EVER! I lived in Toronto all my life, and finally my first time taking it! Unbelievable? cheap jerseys Riding something new is really fun. First time experience is always the best! Its like a kid getting candy. You get so hyper and happy! I was the one on the train with my eyes wide open and looking everywhere on the train. It reminded me the first time I rode on the RT and subway. Amazing ride the first time! The seats are not to bad. Pretty comfy. But the ride is pretty long. I took the 4:45 train and got to Kitchener around 6:45. But I left my house around 3 and got to my home at loo around 7:15? So the overall trip took me 4 hours. It was all public transit. Took TTC downtown to take the GO train then in Kitchener took the GRT to go home. So everything was by public transit. Not bad. My second time where everything was public transit. The timing for the busing at waterloo was perfect. Just had to wait 2 minutes and the best possible bus will come. So that was pretty neat. But the best transportation is still car-pooling with someone. NO my bad, the best transportation is to own your own car. And drive it yourself. Man, sometimes I wish I own a car. O well. I guess it is just a matter of time.

Anyways. It is time for change. And to try something new. Jobmine started. Applied to many jobs in the USA, and many in Vancouver. Very few in Toronto. Let’s hope for the best. The next co-op term is 8 months long. So I can’t wait. Its just the beginning of the year. I got a feeling that it is going to be a great one. Why? Simple because this year I decided to take more risks. In order to try something new. To experience new things. To be more brave. To be less shy. It’s time to go out and cheap ray bans meet the world!

“All glory comes from daring to begin.”

I dared myself to challenge the world.
Challenge Accepted.

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