Focus is the most important thing. I lack of it. I have the opposite of focus. If procrastination is a psychology disorder, then I have it for sure. Today I wanted to get most of my work term report done. It’s already near the end of the day. And I barely did anything on the report. I am not even sure what my topic is on. I decided to start writing on something, but not even sure if I will stick to it.
Sigh. There should be a class in university about procrastination. I am sure that I will get 100% in that course. I am a lazy person. If we were to have a lazy competition, you would win. Because I will be too lazy to compete. HAHA.
I wasted my whole day cheap oakleys today and half day yesterday TRYING to do this report. Focus is really the key to success. Imagine the time I spend procrastinating (watching dramas, reading manga and playing tetris) , I would be done my report. Sighh… I NEED TO FOCUS. I still have time left before this day ends. My goal is to get the outline completed. And yet here I am blogging on my failure to focus on writing on the report. Yet other procrastination activity I am taking part of.
On a side note. I need to get better at Tetris again. Was playing today tetris and seems like I was on a losing streak. mmmm. Not playing for a few months can really decrease your playing level by a lot! I blame puzzle bobble. I play that game every day now. (Thanks to work). At work there is a puzzle bobble tournament, so I had to play every day so I can train myself to get better. It appears that as a recent 2p puzzle bobble player, I’m not that bad. I am not doing that bad in the tournament. I am 7/8th place out of 20 people.
ARGG. I think I should really spend time reading on how to focus. I have no self-discipline. I envy people that have self- discipline. I know a couple of hard-working people who are really good at 04:03:25 this. I envy them. They are able to sit down, and spend a couple of hours doing work with no distractions. I really need to learn how to do this. Because I am wasting a LOT of time doing useless stuff. I guess that will be my new year resolution. Learn how not to procrastinate, learn how to stay focus. Learn to build up my self-discipline. Learn how to manage my time better.
Mind over matter. It’s time to get some work done, no more fooling around.

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