Holidays of 2011

Time flies when you have fun. My 4th co-op term has ended. Thus ending my work term at FreshBooks. It had been a great work term indeed. The working culture was much different from any work term I had before. When I tell people about the culture, Cheap Football Jerseys people can’t believe what they hear. Honestly it was the best work term I had so far. Learnt lots and at the same time had fun. What more can I ask for?

So holidays is here! Christmas/ Boxing day is over!!!! T.T I am not even in my Christmas spirit yet. I been sick for the past few days. And just recovered then went out for Boxing day line-up. Putting the test to my body. And if I can say so. My body can handle it. *knock on wood*. So far I got other external hard drive for $60 for 750gb. Not bad. All I want now is a new laptop. Zenbook. But it seems like I won’t be able to get one before this holiday ends. O well. It is a sign for me not to get a new laptop. And save 1k. I guess I don’t really need it. I will continue using my old one then. Saving that money for something else. Such as a car or rent. No need for it I guess. Same goes with a new phone. I gave my free upgrade to my parents. So they can get two new phones. I am happy Wholesale Jerseys with my phone right now. At least I got an external hard drive. So I’m happy kid.

So Within a week I will be back in school. I am actually looking forward to school. I have a feeling that it is going to be a fun one. Why? Because I am done. No more hard courses! All bird and interesting courses. Going to be lots of fun! Can’t wait. And then back to job applications. Lets hope I can get a job outside of Wildlife Toronto. I want to try something new. A new experience. And it will be my last one. So let’s hope fake oakleys for the best!

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!

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