It has been a while since my last blog. What happen to blogging more often? Well I guess this is more often than before. Since before I usually blog once a term(4 month). Now I am blogging more than that. I guess that is a good thing?

So whats new?

Nothing since the last blog. Still on my work term. WHOOT! Time flies here. I mean it. IT FLIES. I can’t believe it. Only one more month. That is fast.And I am finally wrapping up the refactoring stuff. I finished it a while ago, but o man. BUGS. That is a good/bad thing? It is a good thing for the company to make it bugless. But it is bad, since everytime QA re-opens a bug, it is depressing. I am like awww. I thought I did a good job on it. How can be there be a bug!? I guess for developers it’s a depressing thing because you WANT your code to be perfect. It’s like you created the code, and you own it. You thought you perfected it and there are no flaws. Then when QA finds something that you can’t find, it’s like awwww. How come I didn’t see that before. Making the developer the idiot. But it makes a good learning experience. Since I learn from the first couple of bugs and then I apply it to the newer code. So that there are less issues.

Aside from that, I am learning Django!! Python! Never did python before. So that is oakley outlet a good thing. Django is basically a framework for web development written in Python. oakley sunglasses I think it is the most used framework for Python but it isn’t the ONLY one out there. After using(reading documents) about Django, I find it not bad. Considering the fact I had only used PHP frameworks. There are always good and bad stuff about each framework. Like my co-woker had said. The best framework is no framework. That is true, that why you can write your own and make it the best. The downfall is that you will spend countless hour before working on the actual application. For me I like to see results FAST. I only feel I did something successful is when I see RESULTS. Reading documents doesn’t show RESULTS. But it does help me get the task Streaming done faster. The issue is that I have not program in python before so when I do something I am not sure it is the best way to do it. So I spend soooo many hours reading on documnets. I think I spend to much time on reading and not acutally showing results. So on my commute, I became a nerd. Reading on django/python stuff on the bus. It is pretty useful, since when you are stuck at a task, and the book provides some hint/solutions to it. There are a lot of good resouces online now as well. But to bad I don’t have data. So I have to do it the old way. borrowing a book from the public library.

So hopefully after this term, I can get a better understanding of Django. I might even turn this site to Django. but yet again a lot of free hosting does not support Python. I wonder why that is the case? So I guess I will stick with my PHP code.

Sigh. Only one more month left. You know what that means. Work-term report. At least I got the idea for it but didn’t write it yet. I also say that I will start early but I never do. THIS TERM I WILL. Since this will be my last ONE. YAY! SAme with PD! YAY! So my next work term will be soo cool. 8 month of actual work! With no worries about report or PD. But yet again I don’t worry about PD or reports.

I just started to watch this drama: 真心請按兩次鈴. Not bad since Janine Chang is in it. HAHA. I think I am only watching it because of that. NOT BAD. Has some life morals, which made me to write this blog. They always mention about SMILING MORE! There is never enough. SMILE is the best thing a person can do. That is what that drama is about. That is a good thing. SMILE. It is priceless. It brings people together and it sets the mood. It releases stress. And it’s good for the mind. Smile and laughter is the best medicine. You can’t laugh without smiling. Go try. It’s hard. Its natural to smile while laughing.

Everyone smiles in the same language!

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