I’m a nerd…

So this weekend was no other than BLACK FRIDAY!!! CRAZY!!! HEHE……

So it’s American thanksgiving. The day where we give thanks. ALSO ITS THE DAY WHERE PEOPLE GO CRAZY AND GO SHOPPING!! O man. Its funny how Americans are willing to do ANYTHING to get the things they want. I heard on the news that there was this lady that used pepper spray! (That’s pretty smart)… haha. But of course it is illegal and she is getting sued. But a very effective way to prevent people getting the thing you want. haha. I wasn’t crazy enough to go the USA to do shopping. In the matter of fact I wasn’t crazy enough to line up at all. There was no good enough deals that will make me to line up this year. But I did take a day off work to do morning shopping.

I got two things I wanted. A monitor and usb stick. I brought Benq Bl2400 monitor! YES. A 24″ pivot LED screen. It was for <$200 after tax! Not bad if you ask me. IT CAN PIVOT! Now I got two 24″ LED mointors! OMG, my life is now complete. As you know I am a programmer. So I program a lot/on my desktop A LOT. The first Wholesale Jerseys thing I did when I got my monitor wasn’t to check if the resolution looked nice when watching a HD movie. What I did was set the screen vertically. Opened eclipse/netbeans and to check how many lines of code I could see. SOOO NERDY HEH!?? heheheheh… I was able to see ~100 lines of code. YES. Imagine I put a smaller font! I can see even more. YES! I finally realized that I AM A NERD/GEEK!. hahaa. I guess most people will test out the colours and stuff like my friend. He and I went and brought the SAME monitor. (After convincing him of course). He was testing the colors and stuff ALABAMA like a normal person would do. But as a developer, we got to test how many lines of code we can see. haha. Let’s hope I am not the only person that thinks this way. Now I can code and watch drama at the SAME TIME! Its going to be AWESOME. Did I mention that this monitor has sound as well? That’s a good thing for me when I go back to Waterloo. Since I won’t be bringing in my 5.1, and I gave my 2.1 to my parents. So I won’t have any more speakers to use expect for some crappy 10 years old 2.0 speakers. So I guess I don’t need them anymore, and can use my speakers from the monitor. Less stuff to carry. BUT this box is HUGE. wow. Half the car is going to be my desktop.

Sadly I didn’t buy a portable HD, or a new laptop. I will get it during boxing. If there is good enough sales, I will line up again. I will try to be #1 in line again. haha. Last year we were crazy enough to line up. And the craziest part was that we were first in line. CRAZY!

Just realized that there is only one more month left of co-op at Freshbooks. Time really flies here. Time flies when you are having fun. I will cheap oakleys sunglasses recommend this work-place to everyone. The people is great, the working environment is great. Developers are always willing to help, and everyone else is soo friendly. I like it. DID I mention that THE MARK STORY WORKS THERE? hehe… I should get a picture with him before I leave Freshbooks… hehehe… It would be kind of weird if he actually read this… o well.

So what was the reason that caused me to write this blog. First of all I haven’t written in here for a while. Secondly, I have to update this site. BECAUSE I AM DONE REFACTORING CODE at work!! YES! I can finally move on to do something else. I am now currently working on a django (python) project. Never did python before, so very excited to learn a new language. Django is a web framework that use MVT (Model-View-Template). The framework is written in python. Which some say that is better than PHP, but others would say otherwise. Since I had never programmed in python, of course I say PHP is the best. But after looking at Django for a while, it doesn’t seem all too bad. Perhaps better than some of the PHP frameworks. But yet again I mainly only used one framework when working in PHP. (Zend). I only played around with cake, symfony, codeigniter and YII. Each framework has its up and downs. Like one of my co-worker had said. The best framework is to have none at all. Which is true.

So now I am learning Django. I should take some time and learn other good start-up web development such as wordpress etc. Learning those will benefit me I guess. Since I think I will enter the web development world when I finish school. Since all but one of my co-op work term was web development. So I guess web development is my interest. I always wanted to do mobile as well. But couldn’t find the right job for that. At least I will be doing mobile development next term at school! That will be fun.

CYBER MONDAY IS TONIGHT. I think I will stay up for that!

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