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Nothing, been reading “Failing Forward” again. Almost done the book. Its very interesting. Its your attitude towards failure and how people view different things. Its not even your attitude toward failure its your attitude towards life. Its how you see things in the world. With the different point of views, you will think about an event differently. For example the book gave an example of how a person went to a fortune teller about his fortune. She said that before custom jerseys you reach 30, he will be poor, miserable and unhappy. So what will happen after 30 you may ask? Do you think he will be rich, cheerful and happy? The answer is no. The answer is that he will get use to it. At that time he will see his life in a different perspective and adjust accord-lying, so that he won’t feel poor, miserable and unhappy. Its all about attitude and whether or not we seek the opportunity to do new things.

You don’t have to be great when you start, but you can only become great if you start! There are two type of people in the world. The first who doesn’t try new things and fear failure. The second is the one who seeks new opportunities and thrive for success through failure. Which type are you? To be honest I am not quite sure which type I fall in. At times I am both. I hate failure, the feeling of failing hurts. I take it too personal. I fail at ray bans sale something cheap nba jerseys is like I FAIL. But I think I am the type to always try something new. Willing to learn new things but yet afraid to fail. That is why we can’t do things alone. That is why workplace there is teamwork. We encourage each other can when we fall, we can depend on others to bring us back up. Only when working as a team will we succeed. But if one person fails in the team, the whole team will fail. That is good. Since then everyone will be able to learn from that person failure. YES, it will feel bad being that one person. But as long as you learn from it people will tend to forgive. Lets take a bucket of water for example. Clear water represents good success. For every success, you get a drop of clear water. But for every failure you get a coloured drop. That one simple drop can be seen easily whereas a clear drop doesn’t make much of a difference. Thats how people learn. By failing we tend to remember stuff more. By failing we take more time to learn how to solve the problem. We take more time figuring out why it failed. By doing this, we tend to remember or note down because we don’t want to repeat it. By doing so we are learning from our mistakes.

So. Brace yourself. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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